Matteo A. Trevisan
Executive & Life Coach

 What is your approach?


Pragmatic and tailored to your needs describes it best. While there may be many studies on any number of psychological tools, the results are always a statistic.


You, however, are not a number!


It’s therefore important to be flexible and attempt a range of methods and tools to find the ones that best suit you and your situation.


In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice. But, in practice, there is.

– D. Rosenberg and M. Stephens


I’m an avid researcher of Neuroscience as well as Cognitive and Social Psychology. Tools from these fields enhance my training as a qualified transformational coach (with ICF ACC accreditation) in order to help you grow past emotional and psychological barriers.


These tools include:

  • Cognitive Behavioural Coaching

  • Narrative Coaching

  • Transactional Analysis

  • Positive Psychology

  • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

  • Mindfulness Meditation


The unique style of coaching you will experience is a result of the unusual background I happen to have.

With a Masters in Physics (Bath University), a further degree in education (King’s College), and a coaching diploma with ANIMAS, I'm an Executive Coach and Leadership Trainer.


The science background has developed great focus, uncanny observational skills, and a passionate curiosity.


The experience in teaching has further advanced my emotional intelligence, listening and communication skills, and a joy for peoples' growth.


I speak three languages fluently (English, Italian, Spanish) and I foster a culturally sensitive approach, using humour and compassion where it is needed most.


I’ve had the privilege to grow up in a melting pot of cultures having lived in the USA, Italy, Libya, the Netherlands, Egypt, the UK, and France. Starting over seemed daunting at first, until I realized that each move represented an opportunity, a chance to rebuild myself, leaving behind what weighed me down and developing what made me fly.

The international experience has put me into contact with some amazing personalities and a vast range of ways of thinking. This has helped in understanding different people, different cultures, and cut through the stories we tell ourselves, no matter where we come from.

My deepest values include passion and curiosity. These have led me to study a broad range of topics from my degree in Physics, to a postgraduate in Education, to coaching with ANIMAS, among many others. Combining my worldly experiences with my background as a scientist, teacher, and coach I have developed a unique mind-set that has allowed me to untangle many of life’s complexities into manageable challenges.

Throughout this journey I’ve had this feeling, and existential angst, like there is some far off future me with big plans.. almost too big. That image was uncertain, out of focus, far away, and almost too large to believe. For a long time I had no idea what steps I needed to get there...
I'm constantly learning, growing, and, since I've embarked on the coaching path I have the tools to take control of my journey. Coaching has finally cleared the path for me to be the most that I can be. I know it can do the same for you.


What is coaching?


Coaching is a transformational process brought about by a set of psychological tools largely based on unique styles of questioning.


At its core it facilitates the success of the client in achieving the desired aims. In the process the client will understand themselves better, increase control over their habits, and develop behaviour that better serves their future selves.


Coaching is founded on the idea that, while we may never achieve complete control over external events, we can modify our beliefs, attitudes, and feelings about those events. In so doing we change our relationship with the world around us in a positive way.


At the core of its philosophy also sit absolute confidentiality, non-judgement, and the idea that the answers to your challenges are found within yourself. You are the foremost expert on your life. It is the coaches role to awaken your resoursefulness and surface those answers.


It can sometimes be mistaken for counselling, mentoring, or training/consulting as it does share many aspects with each area. It is nonetheless distinct from other methods of growth as summarised in the adjacent table (not visible on mobile).


Ultimately, the experience of being listened to at such a deep level, pondering important questions at the heart of your journey, and the breaking of significant mental barriers cannot be fully described in words.


If this sounds like something you would be willing to try I suggest you contact me for a free chemistry session so you can experience coaching in person.

  • Doesn't require extensive experties in the area being coached

  • Mostly non-advisory

  • Not profession-specific

  • Largely pre-defined agenda set by trainer

  • Higher trainer involvement

  • Knowledge and solutions mainly supplied by trainer


  • Focused on the past

  • Focused on understanding

  • Usually open-ended

  • Clients usually come with problems of an emotional nature

  • Requires experties in the area being mentored

  • Often uses advice

  • Usually related to a profession

  • Usually employed by the  same company

  • Open agenda based around the client

  • Higher client involvement

  • Knowledge and solutions are to be found in the client

  • Focuse on the future

  • Past only visited for learning and for future focus

  • Usually has fixed duration

  • Clients come with both positive and negative challenges


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