My clients have come from all walks of life but they shared one thing

A willingness to change and the bravery to face the unknown

Matteo is an excellent coach - he was very flexible in working out how to manage coaching conversations to deliver maximum value to me during our coaching sessions. He equipped me with a number of tools to make me better able to manage the challenges of leading a fast growing business. I would recommend him to other CEOs and leaders.

CEO & Co-Founder


“After starting and growing my organisation over the past 6 years I finally felt I needed support to take me further. With too much stress and too many projects, I was spread very thin and had no time to think clearly about my vision. Working with Matteo really helped me find calm within myself and develop strategies to delegate more, empower my team, and think more creatively about my strategy. 

I really liked how both analytical and creative the sessions could be, it's an approach and attitude I have now taken into my work as well.

Matteo is very intuitive and I was often excited and surprised by what emerged in our sessions.”

CEO & Founder


“I really enjoyed my coaching sessions with Matteo. He has a great ability to build trust and confidence. Each session included a number of practical examples and role plays. It’s opened my eyes to how to use range of techniques and approaches to deal with challenging issues to achieve good outcomes.”

International Director


"I really didn't know much about coaching when a colleague proposed it but after my first conversation with Matteo I couldn't believe how much I was able to unlock in myself!

I realise I had an underlying belief that I didn't have what it takes to go up in this organisation, but the coaching helped me see how wrong that was. I'm now in line for my second promotion in 3 months!

Senior Manager


"Matteo is a great Transformation Coach and has helped me to move forward in my life giving me hope that I am capable of anything I want. He was very professional and always checked if I was okay with the time and dates for the session. He also worked around my schedule making sure that he could accommodate me. The issue discussed was very personal and talking was very much required at the time. 

I truly understood the power of coaching when I had the experience myself. I felt that I was given the space and time to reflect and really look within myself. The sessions allowed me to assess my thoughts and feelings and where and why I had certain behaviour patterns. The whole experience made me grow as I became more aware of myself and the impact I may have on others.  I felt comfortable to open up and express my true self as we had great rapport. He is able to ask and pick up on what needed attention as I spoke and that resulted in me being able to go deeper into certain issues. 

He is very professional in his approach yet setting a relaxed scene so I felt that this was my time in the session. Matteo's perspective is great as he knows what to recognise that maybe the client had not noticed, giving them more insight with regards to what they say and make the client go beyond their initial thoughts and feelings. I would definitely recommend Matteo as a coach to anyone who requires one as he has empathy but with balance, as I did not feel judged even when he challenged my thinking."    

Life Coach, Public Speaker, TV Producer & Host


"The work with Matteo has been a key factor in helping to concretize a business project which is extremely important for my life and helped me “take the next step”. This became possible by the way of working we established together which, ultimately, improved the confidence in my choices.

I was just spending an incredible quantity of time on it but I was approaching it in the wrong way.
Without him, probably this project wouldn’t have come to life and I would have always regretted that later on. The amazing thing is that… we got things off the ground in only 4 sessions!

What really made each session fruitful for me was the authentic empathy he has (which creates a great connection) as well as his keen intuition (which resulted in really insightful questions).

He is an excellent listener and is very good at quickly understanding situations he is not familiar with. He also has an outstanding capacity of breaking down complexity into simple, surmountable, challenges.

   I would definitely recommend Matteo!"

Business Owner and Marketing Analyst


"I would highly recommend Matteo to anyone who is considering being coached.I believe he could coach around any area because he helped me clarify and move forwards in both my business and personal life.

Matteo has great listening skills, along with reflections and carefully thought through questions he managed to challenge my assumptions and ask for more from me with just the right level of friendliness and professionalism.

Coaching helped me work out what I needed to do next, kept me focussed on the tasks I set myself, and improved my self-awareness by challenging some unconscious beliefs.

His uncanny ability to remember everything I said and his calm and focused style really helped me decide what was my priority for me at the time, was hugely helpful during my transition from full-time parent to running my own business!"

Life Coach


" I have worked very hard throughout my life and thanks to that attitude I have been able to create a successful financial business that has granted me a lifestyle far beyond what I thought possible when I first started. At the same time music is my passion and I have been trying to break into the professional music business for a few years but I just didn’t see the progress I was hoping for.

I came looking for coaching from Matteo because I wanted to optimize my life and learn more strategies for greater achievement. In 6 sessions we explored my life goals and focused on creating the right mindset to clear the way for progress.

Our work together really helped me gain clarity and focus on many aspects of my life. I gained a better understanding of what I truly value, and the values I want to share with the world and with my work. With that I got to understand what my priorities are and how to adapt my life accordingly. I found a renewed energy in pursuing my dream in the music industry and I worked through some doubts and uncertainties that I had about my personal relationships that really helped me get unstuck.

Matteo’s most powerful tools have definitely been his diplomacy and deep empathy.

Our coaching sessions were very productive, often intense, and always lovely so I would highly recommend Matteo as a coach!"

International Music Business Director


Matteo was very patient and a great listener, he also managed to help me focus on the main goals I wanted to achieve. He helped me change my thought pattern from negative into positive, to help strengthen my confidence and better achieve my goals. I would highly recommend him a life coach to anyone looking for guidance on how to improve focus and achieve better results in life.

Actress & Nutritionist Business Owner


"Matteo helped me in improving interpersonal skills and the achievement of this goal had to go through self-discovery and empowerment of myself first. His empathetic and non-judgmental listening skills helped me to express denied emotions from the past that did not enable me to live fully in the present moment. Through creative techniques and exercises, I gained more confidence in my ability to take responsibility of myself and my unexpressed feelings. I was “victim” of my negative thinking pattern which he was gradually able to shift to a more positive vision of human relationships and of the chance to be happy for real. In this interesting journey, he enabled me to move from the total darkness to see light and hope again. He let me find a strong sense of respect again. Respect for myself, for human relationships, for feelings, for my values and for life again. All this was already in me but I had lost myself. Matteo helped me to find the love and compassion that were in me again, which were obscured by the predominant negative feelings that I did not accept but that therefore dominated me completely not letting me live the life I wanted. My vision of the future is more fearless and enlightened now."

Senior Manager


"I was juggling a stressful job, starting a coaching course and all that it entails, finding a new home, planning a trip to India. I felt ‘busy’ and with lots of plans and expectations of myself with an underlying lack of belief in myself and my abilities to ‘hold’ all of these challenges.

The coaching was over skype/whatapp calls, but even with this limited form of communication I felt immediately at ease with Matteo, he is very professional in his approach and is brilliant at summarising the long and winding stories I told concisely and logically.

Within the limited time we had a lot of the coaching consisted of exploratory work. I was impressed after the first session that Matteo had picked up on the underlying issues at hand quickly. He allowed space to explore, whilst at the same time there was a sense of moving through the dialogue with purpose.

Matteo coined some key questions in relation to my limiting beliefs, issues with comparison to others and confidence which I have later reflected on and although they still remain I have taken steps to work further on these and taking myself less seriously.

Being coached as a young woman by Matteo, I first queried with myself how comfortable this would be, however I found that the dynamic worked perfectly and I was able to relax and speak from the heart.

   He has an impeccable professional manner and I looked forward to each of our sessions."

Occupational Therapist & Life Coach


"I’m really happy I decided to go through with coaching. Working closely together with Matteo I achieved great success.I was looking for some inspiration and motivation to carry out some important changes.

Now, I feel ready to stand up to anything in my life and I have started changing things I always wanted to change, in particular my job and my relationships with others as well as myself.

It was with subtle guidance that I got through the doubt and hesitation, leaving the unnecessary behind, greeting the future and living in the present.

The experience as a whole was positive and supportive. Even on days when I felt I was lacking motivation to carry on, after the session I was back on track and happy to continue.

There was a lot of important soul searching involved as well, but as far as tools that I learned, one of the most useful I was ‘Nonviolent Communication’ for which I’m ever so grateful. It has helped me on a daily basis. 

Thank you Matt for being an inspiration and so passionate about what you do."

Actress & Fashion Designer


"I had never realized quite how much choice I actually had in my life. I've finally taken ownership and I'm finally creating the work and relationships that fit my true self. I had wasted a lot of time trying to conform to every opinion from my co-founder and not valuing my own skills enough.

Thanks to your coaching I have the confidence to assert myself and I'm happy to say, our business is doing much better because of it! I can see my team respects me far more now, it's been such a pleasure to go to work this month where before I was dreading getting up in the morning. Thank you!"






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