BE Intellectually Fearless

A speech I wrote for my students when I first began teaching.

Sometimes we forget that school is supposed to be preparing you for the ‘real’ world. We assume that the structure of your education has created a ladder of knowledge which, upon climbing, will have prepared you to peer clearly above the high fog and chaos of life. The truth is that fog will never clear completely. At times it will thicken. Rarely, you will have the luck of seeing the footsteps before you. But, given enough time, you may travel sufficiently far to find high ground, and a better view.

Many however do not travel that far at all. Afraid of what may lay beyond the mist. Uncertain of every step they can’t see. They may find a small space they are comfortable with and cease their search for clarity. No one has a perfect view but some will see further than others and it is they, the ones who were not afraid of the obscured landscape ahead, that can call back for the rest to join them.

To make a difference in this world you cannot be content of the patch of ground you happen to be on. Only the ones who can travel the furthest will find something worthwhile. Only the ones who realize that this landscape is pure imagination, that it doesn't matter that you can’t always see where you are going, that no matter how many times you stumble you cannot break and you can always get back up; only they will go far.

So, you may think this is just physics class.. science is a method. It is an intellectual tool that can help you not run circles in that fog. Curiosity and a methodical way to explore it will take you anywhere you wish. Thus, do not be afraid to question.

BE Intellectually Fearless.

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