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Coaching is a versatile tool capable of evolving your approach to a whole range of situations. Its power resides in the person-centred structure which empowers you to find solutions unique to you and your environment.


I offer a bespoke international coaching service tailored to both businesses and individuals based on improving communication and deepening purposeful action.  See below for a program that suits your needs.




A Purposeful Life

Purpose is not intrinsic to life; it is created and practiced daily.

This program will help you act with intention to surround yourself with more of what you love and less of what you don't.

We will work on clearing the fog around your vision for the future and find ways to take it from dream to reality.

Communication is Key

The best intentions in the world will be for nothing if you are not able to get your thoughts and feelings across effectively.

This program will help you develop your own authentic style of expression that will improve your relationships in both your personal and professional lives.

Breakthrough Session 3 Hr

When you have a specific challenge that you want to overcome in a short amount of time, this session can help you get unstuck and ready to move forward.

We will go deep into your motivations for change, create an inspiring vision for the future, and develop a plan of action to get you from vision to reality.

Coaching in Education

As a teacher I understand the many challenges faced within the education system. Neither teachers nor students are always supported at the level they need or deserve.

Here I offer coaching in all aspects of school life and lead coaching skills classes to improve student’s wellbeing.

Initial Consultation


Age, gender, nationality, cultural background, line of work.. These things are not important. What is crucial in any coaching relationship is recognizing that we function as your inspirational team. Having good rapport is therefore a must and before we make any commitments we must both feel confident we are right for each other.


To this end we can schedule a 'chemistry' session (between 45-90 min) in which we will discuss your aims for the coaching sessions, my approach to coaching, and answer any questions you may have.


If you are an organization I will happily meet with a representative or the whole team at your premises.




Privacy is paramount to any work we do. Every client needs a secure space in which to dig deep and achieve transformation. This can only happen on a solid foundation of honesty and trust. You can rest assured no identifiable information will ever be shared from our work together.




My fees are tailored to you and your objectives. If we mutually decide to work together I will make a recommendation based on a number of factors including your personal situation and what you want to achieve with coaching.


I have flexible programmes from a single 3Hr Breakthrough session all the way to a premium six month service.


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