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Great learning is not just about gaining new knowledge; it’s about developing successful ways of thinking. In my coaching, I seek to model for my clients the kind of questions and habits of thought that grow their resourcefulness and their independence.

The process of change begins by taking the time to reflect on where you are and where you want to get. Here you will find exercises to get you started on your journey with or without the support of a professional coach.

Helping the Inspirational Clients

I recognize that coaching can be a significant investment not everyone will be able to afford. At the same time, simply having the funds does not mean you have the passion, drive, or vision to be a force for change in the world.

In fact I have met many exceptional individuals with those qualities. People who can truly make a difference that simply cannot afford the personal development they need to really take off.

If you have what it takes to be an inspirational client, but are missing the resources, I try to keep two positions open in my client roll at any one time for people like you. Contact me for availability.

Public Speaking


The side effect of endless curiosity is an eclectic assortment of knowledge. My training as a teacher has refined my delivery methods to create engaging and interactive talks that will leave your audience feeling energized and ready to learn more.

I have a number of prepared talks and can create more on demand on a range of topics (i.e. Coaching, Purpose, Communication, Behavioural Economics, Neuroscience etc.).

Send me details of what you are looking for and I will let you know if I can accommodate your request.

Creative Collaboration

The coaching relationship can be a place for novelty, creativity, surprise, expression, connection, and inspiration. It is a shame that such vibrancy is only created and passed on one person at a time.

Art, music, and dance are supremely positioned to express or enhance words that attempt to describe things which sometimes have no name and deliver the experience to a wider audience.

I’m exploring the idea of creating a series of motivational videos, performance art, paintings, or other interesting outlets to expand the idea of coaching through novel means.


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