Coaching in Education

Is the purpose of school to relay knowledge or to prepare students for the life ahead?


Do we want to give information or set students up for success?

As a teacher I have to side with both. We need a certain level of knowledge to refine our model of the world. We need it to make informed decisions and reasoned arguments.


Knowledge alone is not enough to prepare one for adult life however.


Here is just one example: A recent report by consulting firm CBRE predicted that 50% of occupations today will no longer exist in 2025.

How many facts, figures, and theories we learned in school will be outdated or irrelevant by that point?

What else is missing then? The now famous research by Carol Dweck points us in the direction of mindset and businesses seem to agree. When thousands of top employers in the UK were polled by REED in Partnership it was found that:

“Given the choice between someone with the desired mindset who lacks the complete skill set for the job, and someone with the complete skill set who lacks the desired mindset, a total of 96% of the employers surveyed picked mindset over skill set as the key element in those they seek and retain. Mindset utterly trumps skill set.”

Employability is but one aspect. What future businesses will look for is the ability to adapt, deal with stress, and work in teams. This requires a certain amount of emotional intelligence, resilience, and communication skills. Such traits are incredibly useful in every aspect of our lives, not just career prospects, why don’t we teach these directly?

Do we not want to teach our students how to tackle some of the most prevalent challenges they will face in the modern world?

- Exam Busters
- Stress Busters 
- Mood Management 
- Future Planning
- Sleep Workshop
- Team Building
- Bullying
- Mindfulness

A coaching approach provides the most effective tools to foster an improved social-emotional dimension in schools today. The coaching philosophy is enhancing, not remedial. It focuses on the positive, the now, and how to move forward. This creates a safe and motivational environment where students can be active participants on an inspiring journey of self-development and understanding.


I have on offer a number of workshops that focus

on the core needs of students including:

In addition to workshops I also work 1-to-1 with students and teachers on the specific aspects of their lives they wish to improve.

What could your school become if it had a dedicated person responsible for helping everyone be the best version of themselves?


What difference would that make to your life and the students’ future?

As a fully qualified teacher (with DBS check) I'm well positioned to understand and cater to the specific needs of schools and their challenges.


I look forward to hearing from the schools that are looking to invest in the wellbeing of both students and staff. Get in touch and we can arrange a detailed discussion of your school’s needs and how I can best serve your community.




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