My clients have come from all walks of life but they shared one thing

A willingness to change and the bravery to face the unknown

The Eye


A myriad of small choices have brought me here; small nudges that directed me ever closer to becoming a professional change-maker. One push in particular began to plant the seed of an idea: Look deeper..


Long before I knew much about what coaching could offer I was motivated to think long and hard about how to find a fulfilling life. A close friend at the time was considering a change of career. The industry they were in was not leading to either health or a sense of purpose.


Having bought them a small good luck gift (shaped as an abstract eye) I realised I better imbue it with some meaning. The transition they were pondering was vast and dug deep into their sense of self.

What ideas could be of value?


After some significant deliberation and false starts, three sentences formed:           

 " To see before you,   

To peer inside you,   

To look beyond you " 

In other words… understand the reality of your situation and where it is likely to take you, search inside yourself for a direction that truly resonates, and contribute to something bigger than yourself to find meaning.

The words became the object,

And the object the symbol

My friend had a lot of courage,... but the rest of that journey is not mine to tell.


Eventually, the words unwittingly became my own guide and motivated a more focused search for the life I wanted to create for myself.

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