Breakthrough Session 3Hr

The Breakthrough Session is designed to give you that boost you need to get unstuck and moving forward with purpose and determination.

From relationships, to work, to health, I can help you figure out what you really want and how to work toward it in practical stages.

The breakthrough session is in 3 parts: Exploration, Vision, Strategies.

1. EXPLORATION for focused impact

First, we have to explore your underlying values and motivations for wanting to change. So many goals fail to materialize simply because we lack a deeper understanding of what we desire and why. We often mistake what we want, or what society tells us we should want, for what we actually need.

This leads us to either, not have the motivation to achieve our goal, leaving us disappointed, OR we do achieve our goal, just to find out it did not give us what we were actually looking for.

2. VISION for increased motivation

Second, we will travel into the future and create a vision of exactly what it will look like, for you, a year from now. What will your life be like? How will you know it has improved? How will your goal contribute to your sense of purpose and fulfilment?

Once you imagined yourself in the future, having glimpsed at the success just within your reach, you will be vastly more motivated to push yourself to make it a reality.

3. STRATEGIES for pragmatic success

Third, we create a concrete action plan, so that you can leave the session confident of having practical, strategic steps to work towards the life that you want.

This is crucial, this is what separates dreams from reality. Procrastination, avoidance, these come from uncertainty and fear, and we can reduce these greatly if we have a clear road map to that mountain peak you want to reach.

A map that includes the possible roadblocks and challenges that will come your way, while also acknowledging that not everything can be predicted. There may be great opportunities just around the corner which we can’t even imagine yet... how will you keep yourself open to those?

And THAT, is the breakthrough session. Its intense by design, you don’t get life change by skimming the surface. So what will you need from me, as your coach, to feel completely comfortable and ready, to go as deep as needed to achieve your goals?

Your Breakthrough in 3 Hours!

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